The extension is compatible with Shopware version 6.5.x.x

Installation Shopware extension

You can install the extension in 2 ways

1. through Shopware official store and 

2. via zip file for the extension.

Follow the steps below for the preferred installation. 

1. Extensions --> Store --> search for the extension in the Shopware 6 store via search bar --> Add extension --> My extensions --> Install app --> Activate the extension --> Configure the extension.  

2. Extensions --> My extensions --> Upload extension via a zip file from your computer --> Install app --> Activate the extension --> Configure the extension.  

3.Uninstall - The extension can be uninstalled via Extensions --> My extensions --> Ecomwise Customer Portal --> ... --> Uninstall 

Configuration Shopware

The configuration of the Shopware extension can be found on the following location: Extensions --> My extensions --> Apps --> Ecomwise Customer Portal  --> Configure--> 

Sales Channel  - to be selected for the sales channel for which this configuration will be enabled/applied. 

General settings - activate or disable the extension

API settings 

For the connection the below API details need to be added. These details  

  1. API URL: The API URL of the business central application can be added here. The URL should have the following format

  2. Token URL: The URL where the token can be retrieved for the authentication with Business Central. The URL should have the following format

  3. Client ID - Client ID for the authentication. 

  4. Client secret - Client secret for the authentication. 

  5. Company ID -Business Central company ID. 

  6. Company name - Name of the Business Central company 

    Last in the API settings box is the "Test" button via which the validity of the entered credentials can be tested.
    If the credentials are correct it will be green-lighted, if the credentials are wrong then you will have a warning message. 

    More information of the authentication with Business Central can be found on the folling link

Front-end settings 

With the below settings you can enable or disable the front-end display of the different overviews from Business Central.