This extension adds a new category view which will provide your customers to be able to add multiple products from the category page to the cart. You have the flexibility to enable this view on certain categories and for certain customer groups to provide a unique wholesale experience.


- This extension is compatible with following Magento versions:

  • Magento Community 1.7.x –
  • Magento Enterprise Edition (EE)

- This extension is compatible with following product types:

  • Simple products
  • Simple product with custom options
  • Configurable products
  • Configurable products with custom options
  • Bundle products
  • Grouped products
  • Downloadable products
  • Virtual products
NOTE: Extension is compatible only with following custom options: Drop-down, Radio Buttons, Check-box and Multiple Select.


If you have compilation enabled, please disable it before installing this extension. You can check compilation status in System → Tools → Compilation under 'Compiler status'.

1. Copy the folders (and its content): "app", "js" and "skin" to your root Magento directory.

2. Clear the Magento cache.

3. Log out and log in again in your Magento admin.



*NOTE: The configuration for the rest modules: Category Permission, Forced Login, Customer Price Rules can done and set according to the specific module user guide present articles.


System -> Configuration -> B2B Extensions -> B2B Order List


1. Info & Support: An overview of the extension information such as version number, compatibility, documentation and support.

2. License: Add your license key to this section.

3. General:

Extension Enabled: Yes/No

4. Order List Settings:

- List Mode: Opportunity to choose default category view for the selected customer groups. Different options implemented.

- Customer Groups: The Order list view can be set for certain customer groups. For example if you would like to show this view for certain wholesale groups. 

- Products per Page on Order List Allowed Values: Allowed values for number of products that can be displayed on the Order List view.

- Products per Page on Order List Default Value: Default value for number of products that can be displayed on the Order List view.

- Allow All Products per Page:  Will add "All" option, for listing of all products on the Order List view.

- Enable on Specific Categories: Yes/No

The order list view can be enabled only on a particular category or multiple categories.

If set to “No” the order list view will be set to all the categories. If set to “Yes” the order list view will be only shown on selected categories.

- Enable on Categories: Select the categories where the Order list view should be active.

- Enable on Search Page: Select if the Order List should be also enabled on the Catalog Search Page.

5. Setting Category Permission

6. Setting Catalog Price Rule

Front End

Category Page

This extension adds an order list view to the category page beside the list and the grid view.

5.0 Display Order List on Category Page (Simple and Configurable Products)

5.1 B2B Order List with simple products with custom options

5.2 B2B Order List with configurable products with custom options

5.3 Display “Tier Pricing” on Order List view

5.4 Category Permissions - 'Women' category not visible

5.5 Customer Price Rules set for individual customer



1. Change the “Active” element to “false” to the following files:

/etc/modules/Ecomwise_B2BOrderlist.xml and save the file.




2. Flush Magento cache.

This will set the extension to inactive. However, if more explicit action is needed:

- Remove all files from file system.

- Remove the entry with code=' b2borderlist_setup' in the core_resource database table.


17 October 2016

  • Adding Dutch translation file

10 May 2016

  • B2B Orderlist refactored to be dependant of the Category Permissions, Customer Price Rules, B2B Forced Login modules
  • Compatibility with Bundle, Grouped, Downloadable and Virtual products
  • Bug fixes
  • Styling points
  • Code optimization

18 February 2016

  • Bug fixes

16 December 2015

  • Bug fixes
  • Function to have the order list view as default view
  • Code optimization

20 October 2015

  • Adding new functionality: display default number of products, adding "All" option
  • Bug fixes
  • Styling points
  • Fixing compatibility with Magento 1.9.2 points

01 September 2015

  • Resolving bug regarding “Enable on Categories” functionality
  • Resolving bug regarding request for more than the available product quantity
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.9.2
  • Styling points

10 July 2015

  • Compatible with simple product with custom options
  • Compatible with configurable products with custom options
  • Showing Tier Pricing on the order list view
  • Bug fixes

08 April 2015

  • Adding the toolbar with the default views (grid and list),

  • Compatibility with Magento 1.9,

  • Adding the “Enable on Categories” functionality.

29 Jan 2014

  • Resolving bug regarding apply discount on grouped price

10 Nov 2014

  • Removing drop-down for selecting one store as b2b, and considering 'Active' on all scope levels.

05 Nov 2014

  • Resolving bug in install script regarding table prefixes

07 Oct 2014

  • Adding responsiveness.

03 Oct 2014

  • Resolving bug regarding adding multiple customers on second page

15 Sept 2014

  • Improvement in the process of discount calculation for product collections

18 Aug 2014

  • Improvements on category page for products with discount and special price

04 Aug 2014

  • Categories that are not allowed for customer are hidden from the menu, also for Magento 1.9

29 May 2014

  • Compatible with Magento Community 1.6.x-1.9.x

30 April 2013

  • Compatible with Magento Community 1.6.x-1.8.x

12 April 2013

  • Compatible with Magento Community 1.6.x-1.7.2


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