Magento only has customers as a property to create an account and orders. In the wholesale market there are usually companies with multiple contact persons who can place orders. B2B Contact extends Magento functionality by adding extra properties to a Magento customer so that he can be set as a company or a contact person.

This extension has an ability for setting multiple contacts to multiple customers. Customer is able to see all the orders done of all contacts or only the ones for which the customer billing address is being used.


- This extension is compatible with Magento versions 1.7.x -


If you have compilation enabled, please disable it before installing this extension. You can check compilation status in System → Tools → Compilation under 'Compiler status'.

1. Copy the folders (and its content): "app" and "skin" to your root Magento directory.

2. Clear the Magento cache.

3. Log out and log in again in your Magento admin.



System → Configuration → B2B-extensions → Contact

1. Info: An overview of the extension information such as version number, compatibility, documentation and support.

2. License: Add your license key to this section.

3. Settings:
- Extension Enabled: Yes/No.
- Use Customer Billing Address: 
If set to “Yes” it uses “customer” role billing address, otherwise it uses “contact” role billing address on the checkout page.
-- Edit Billing Address: This option is available if the previous option "Use Customer Billing Address" is enabled. This setting is only applicable to the clients who are logged as "contacts". If this setting is enabled the Contact could edit the Billing address on the Checkout Billing Information step, and the My Account- Address Information section.
- Use Customer Shipping Address: If set to “Yes” it uses “customer” role shipping address, otherwise it uses “contact” role shipping address on the checkout page.

4. Customer: 
- Show All The Orders From The Contacts: If this setting is enabled, customer can see all the orders of all contacts, otherwise if it is disabled, customer can see only the orders for which the billing address of the current customer is used.

4. Setting customer type
Browse to Customers->Manage Customers -> Customer selection to configure extension on customer level
Two new tabs are added:

1.“Customer Type” where “Customer” or “Contact” can be selected (default -Customer).

2.“Manage contacts” only for customer of type “Customer”, here customers of type “contact” can be associated to selected customer.

Setting contacts to multiple customers

Front End

Checkout page

Customer’s ( billing and shipping details will be used for the customer with role “Contact” ( will be in case the “Use Customer Billing address” and “Use Customer Shipping address” will be set to: Yes.

Multiple contacts can be assigned also to multiple customers. Once the Contact is logged in, on the Checkout page he is able to choose which Billing and Shipping address will be used from the Customer to whom is assigned to, like shown on the image below.

Customers can see all the Contacts orders done on the My Account- My Orders page, if the setting "Show All The Orders From The Contacts" is enabled, otherwise the client can see only those orders from those client who have done orders and  used current customer billing address.


1. Change the “active” element to “false” /etc/modules/Ecomwise_Contact.xml and save the file.

2. Flush Magento cache.

This will set the extension to inactive. However, if more explicit action is needed:

- Remove all files from file system.

- Remove the entry with code=’ecomwisecontact_setup’ in the core_resource database table.


24 June 2016
  • Feature added for multiple contacts to be assigned to multiple customers.
  • Feature added for customers could see the contacts orders based of a setting configured.
  • Making extension compatible on a store level on a same Magento instance.

21 December 2015

  • Module compatible with SUPEE-6285 patch.

07 May 2015

  • Adding “Info & support”,License tabs in the configurations.
  • Bug fixes.

29 May 2014

  • Bug fixes.

02 May 2014
  • Extension was launched.



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