MCONNECT allows updating of the Dynamics NAV order status to be send to Magento.
In Magento this will trigger an update of the order status and Magento can be used to update the customer with the transactional emails.

Types of orderstatus updates

The following changes in order status are received from Dynamics NAV:

1. The order is deleted in Dynamics NAV. ==> This will change the status in Magento to cancelled

2. The order is partially shipped in Dynamics NAV. ==> This will create a partially shipment in Magento. 

3. The order is shipped in Dynamics NAV.  ==> This will create the shipment in Magento.

4. The order is invoiced in Dynamics NAV ==> This will create the invoice into Magento

5. The order is shipped and invoiced in Dynamics NAV. ==> This will first create the shipment and invoice in Magento

6. The order is paid in Dynamics NAV. ==> This will update the Magento status to a custom Magento status "Paid".

How to enable order status updates in MCONNECT

- Log in to MCONNECT and go to Settings ==> Workflow ==> Orders

- In this screen you can enable updates of order statuses by selecting which updates you want to be sent over to Magento.

- After enabling the orderstatus updates you can set the scheduler for the orderstatus updates.