Customer Product List is an extension that will allow the wholesale customer to add products to a list and reuse this list to quickly reorder these products. A customer can build multiple list and is able to share the list with other customers.


- This extension is compatible with Magento versions 1.7.x -

- This extension is compatible with the default Magento RWD theme.




If you have compilation enabled, please disable it before installing this extension. You can check compilation status in System → Tools → Compilation under 'Compiler status'.

1. Copy the folders (and its content): "app" and "skin" to your root Magento directory.

2. Clear the Magento cache. 

3. Log out and log in again in your Magento admin.



System -> Configuration -> B2B Extensions ->Customer Product List

1.Info & SupportAn overview of the extension information such as version number, compatibility, documentation and support.

2.License keyAdd your license key to this section.

3.Extension Enabled: Yes/No.

2. Customer Product List Settings:

- Sorted by Category View Enabled: This setting if set to yes enables products that are already added in the product lists to be grouped by categories to which  they belong. If sorted by Category view is enabled another products view is shown, where the products are sorted by their category.

- Include jQuery: This setting enables adding jQuery script if there is no present on the web shop. If there is already jQuery implemented on the shop, it is advisable this setting to be disabled.

- Add Link to Top Menu: This setting enables adding a top link in the top menu in the header, among the rest top links (My account, My Wishlist, My Cart...).

- Send email for added product: This setting enables sending emails to the administrator email address if new product is added in the product list.

- Send email for deleted product: This setting enables sending emails to the administrator email address if a product is deleted from the product list.

- Send email for deleted product list: This setting enables sending emails to the administrator email address if a product list is deleted.

- Email Address: This setting enables adding the email address of the administrator to which the above emails will be sent.


Adding cutomer product list - Admin area

Created Product Lists can be viewed in the Magento admin area, Customer Product Lists page.

Browse to Customers -> Customer Product Lists. A grid of all created Product Lists will be shown as on the following image

Each Product List can be modified, and also new Product List can be created.

Editing an existing Product List

 Adding new Product List

Deleting an existing Product List

Each Customer Product List can be set to be shared with other customers, all the shared customers will be able to see the same Product List and can make modifications to it depending of the role that is set for those customers.

Setting Customer Role

Customer Role can be set on Customer Level in the admin area under the following path:

Browse to top admin menu: Customers ===> Manage Customers

There are two roles that are available on Customer level:

- Basic Role: Customers who have accounts set up with this role can only view the product lists. They can't add products to the list and they can't add a new list.

- Advanced Role: Customers who have accounts set up with this role can add products to the list and modify and create a new list.

Front End

Header Top link

Product page


Adding products to a product list: Users can add products to the list from the product page. Logged in customer will see “Add to Product List” on each product page. Ones they click this a popup will load to ask them to which product List they would like to add it.

If on the web shop are defined catalog price rules, the catalog price discounts are also visible on the catalog store prices.

A new button "Add to Product List" is added on the Product Page. A product can be added on an existing product list or to a newly created product list. Good to be mentioned is that one item (product) cannot be added multiple times in the same product list.

My Account page

All created product Lists are visible on the Product List Page - My Account. More detail info is present for each product list and each product lists can be viewed separably with more details.

The following image is representing how the Product Lists are shown to a customer who has 'Basic' role associated.

There is also a possibility for sorting order on the listed products in one Product List. This can be achieved by drag & drop functionality.

Customer with Advanced Role

Edit: Edit the Product List by editing the Product List title.

Copy Product List: Another copy can be created from an existing Product List.

Clear Product List: Ones the user clicks this, the Product List items will be removed and the list will remain empty.

Update Product List: Update the Product List after update of qty of products. 

Print: Printing the current Product List.

Add All to Cart: Add all products from the Product List in Cart.

If sorted by Category view setting is enabled, there is another view where the products are sorted by their category.

Product List with products sorted by "Camera" and "Mobile" categories.

Select Product List: Choose the order list that you would like to load. This will cause to show the products within the list.

Edit: Edit the list by removing a product from the list.

Delete: Delete a list. Ones the user clicks this, a pop up will ask the user, Are you sure to delete the list? (Yes/Cancel). 

Add New Product List: Create a new product list. Ones the user clicks, a popup will load and ask the user to add the list name and save. 


1. Change the “Active” element to “false” /etc/modules/Ecomwise_Projectlist.xml and save the file.

2. Flush Magento cache.

This will set the extension to inactive. However, if more explicit action is needed:

- Remove all files from file system.

- Remove the entry with code='projectlist_setup' in the core_resource database table.




18 June 2015

  • Module first release





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