This extension is compatible with Magento 2.x, allows you to set a customer specific credit limit and also a global limit which will be used by all of the customers. Credit limit 2.x adds a payment method "Pay on Account", which is used to accept credit orders. If a customer exceeds the credit limit, the customer can no longer order with the "Pay on Account" payment method, Credit Limit exceed limit message is shown on the Checkout page.



- This extension is compatible with the default Magento 2.2 Luma theme.

- This extension is compatible with Magento versions 2.0.x - 2.2.x 




Download the extension package from your account and extract the downloaded archive.

Create the folder app/code/Ecomwise/Creditlimit/ in your Magento root.

Copy the extracted content to the app/code/Ecomwise/Creditlimit/ directory.

Positioned in the root Magento directory execute the following commands:

1. Install: php bin/magento setup:upgrade

2. Recompile (Optional): php bin/magento setup:di:compile

3. Reindex (Optional): php bin/magento indexer:reindex

4. Clear the Magento cache (Optional): php bin/magento cache:clean




Stores-> Configuration -> B2B Extensions -> Credit Limit

1. Info & Support: An overview of the extension information such as version number, compatibility, documentation and support.

2. General:
 Extension Enabled: Yes/No

3.Credit Limit Settings:

- Payment Method for Credit Limit Order: Which payment method will be used for accepting credit limit orders.

- Credit Limit Open Orders: Which orders are considered open.In the cases in where the administrator changes the setting for a new open order status, all the credit limits done with the previous open orders selected statuses are released (reset) and the new credit limit is taken in concern from the new set open order statuses.

- Hide Credit Limit for customers without Credit Limit Set: If this setting is enabled (set to ‘Yes’) and the customer does not have a particular credit limit set, the Credit Limit tab present in the My Account left navigation menu will not be shown.
-Show Credit Limit Link in My Account Menu: If this setting is disabled(Set to "NO"), then the customer even if it has credit limit assign to the account, won't be able to see the credit limit amount in the account. 

- Hide Credit Limit info for customer groups: This option handles the visibility of the amount of credit limit in the account of the customer. The visibility of the credit limit info can be changed by selection/de-selection certain customer group.

- Credit Limit Exceeded Message: This message is displayed on checkout page, next to the credit limit payment method when the credit limit payment method cannot be used because the customer has exceeded the maximum allowed amount in open orders

- Customer Limit Default Amount: Set the global credit limit amount.

4.Setting Credit Limit to a Customer:  The credit limit can be set to every customer individually. There is a separate menu item in back end:  "Sales  -> Credit Limit”, where all already created credit limits can be listed, new credit limits can be added, modified or already present ones can be deleted as we can see on the images shown below. 

Good to be mentioned is one of the implemented functionalities that are referred to the Credit Limit itself are the following ones:

a) Credit Limit cannot be deleted if it is used for an open order (assigned to a certain customer).
b) Credit Limit cannot be updated to a value lower than the total amount of the opened orders.

*NOTE: After the installation of the module, the setting for using the Credit Limit for customer should be set. After some time period, if this setting "Use credit limit for customer" is disabled, this can result with some unusually behaviour related with the display of the Credit Limits.

5. Pay on account – Payment method configuration:This extension also adds a new payment method “Pay on Account” and a new payment status “Placed by Credit Limit”. To configure the payment method navigate to Stores-> Configuration ->Sales -> Payment Methods -> Pay on Account

- Enabled: Enable/Disable the payment method.

- New order status: Status of the created order.

- Title: Title of the payment method.

- Sort Order: This options adds an ability for setting sorting order for the Pay On Account payment method among the rest payment methods that are going to be used on the store.

- Purchase Order NumberWhen enabled, a text field is added next to Pay On Account method on checkout page. Here the customer can enter number which will be added to the order, order email, invoice, etc.

6. View customers credit limits info

Admin user can see the credit limit info set for each individual customer.

On customer level, there is a tab ‘Credit Limit’ added in where if there is an already set credit limit for a particular customer the credit limit info is shown, can be deleted on the tab "Delete Limit", and also this credit limit can be modified with the already existing Edit link. If for that particular customer no credit limit is set, this could be done with the “Add Limit” button. The mentioned functionalities are shown on the images below.


Checkout page

If the customers have enough credit limit they will be able to pay using the payment method “Pay on Account”.

If the Credit Limit amount is exceeded, then on the Checkout Page a message will be shown that the Pay on Account method cannot be used, the Credit Limit amount is exceeded. 

This message is easily adjustable for the customer in the module settings in the admin configuration of the module:

There is also the possibility for displaying the credit limit info details, when customer chooses to create an order from the admin. In the Payment Information section, the Pay On Account method will be displayed with the proper Credit Limit info for that specific customer. This is described on the image below.

My Account page

Customer Credit Limit info is visible on the My Account - > Credit Limit link. 


Automated ways are not available in this version.


06 December 2016
    Stable version release.


 January 2018 

 Bug fixes, compatible with Magento 2.2.x
February 2018
 Java Script improvement
February 2018
Bug fix-Purchase Order Number validation

April 2018

Admin bug fix in payment method

June 2018
Admin grid fixes
August 2018

Front-end customization 


Configuration added for the "Credit Limit tab" in "My Account". 



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