Mconnector 2 is a Magento 2.0 extension that connects the Magento application with the MCONNECT. Mconnector 2 extension works together with MCONNECT.
MCONNECT itself is a software application that integrates Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento. It provides an automated integration for synchronising orders, items/products, customers/contacts, prices and inventory.
Mconnector 2 Magento extension and the MCCONECT software application, enable the following synchronization processes:

- Customers from Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Magento
- Customers Magento->Microsoft Dynamics NAV
- Products Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Magento
- Inventory Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Magento
- Price rules Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Magento
- Orders Magento -> Microsoft Dynamics NAV
- Orders Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Magento
- Order statuses Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Magento
- Product prices Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Magento

MCONNECT is full integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Magento. It combines the best features of Dynamics NAV and Magento.



- This extension is compatible with the default Magento 2.0 Luma theme.

- This extension is compatible with Magento versions 2.0.x - 2.1.x


Download the extension package from your account and extract the downloaded archive.
Copy the extracted content to the root of the Magento.
Positioned in the root Magento directory execute the following commands:

1. Enable: php bin/magento module:enable Ecomwise_Mconnector
2. Install: php bin/magento setup:upgrade
3. Recompile (Optional): php bin/magento setup:di:compile
4. Clear the Magento cache (Optional): php bin/magento cache:clean



Stores -> Configuration -> M-CONNECTOR -> M-connector

1. Info & Support: An overview of the extension information such as version number, compatibility, documentation and support.

2. Settings: An overview of the extension general settings.
- Active: Yes/No.
- Connection ID: The connection id that is corresponding to the same MCONNECT id for establishing the connection.
- Enable Loging: If this setting is enabled, all logs from the extension will be generated into extension separate log files.
- Enable NAV rules calculation: Yes/No. This setting if active, enables applying Navision rules that come via MCONNECT and would be applied to the Magento products.

3. Rest Settings:
- Allowed Ip's(comma separated): This setting enables adding different ip's for which the REST calls will be done to the Magento application. In most cases, these are the ip's from the instances where the MCONNECT is set.

4. Exclude Properties from Update:
- Select Product Non Updatable Properties: By selection which product attributes should not be included in the update process.
- Select Customer Non Updatable Properties By selection which customer attributes should not be included in the update process.
- Select Customer Address Non Updatable Properties:By selection which customer address attributes should not be included in the update process.

5. Order Statuses Settings:
- Select Carrier for shipments created by Mconnect: Extension setting, for chosing the correct Magento shipping carrier among the available ones, when shipments are created by the Mconnect and transferred back to the Magento application.
- Order Canceled Email Template: Setting for using the correct email template for the canceled orders by Mconnect.
- Order Paid Email Template: Setting for using the correct email template for the paid orders by Mconnect.

Navision Rules imported in Admin

In the admin section the Navision price rules i Navision Line Discounts are synchronized and imported in Magento.

Navision Rules that are imported from the MCONNECT are visible under Marketing ==> Navision Sales Price and Navision Sales Line Discounts


Category page 

On the category and product page, the product prices would be calculated based on valid Navision Rules that would be applied to Magento products.

Product page  



Automated ways are not available in this version.




20 December 2016

  • Stable module release.









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