This extension adds a block with best sold products. It allows you to load best sold product automatically or add products manually to the block. You have also the opportunity to exclude products manually by simply typing their sku's.


- This extension is compatible with Magento versions 1.7.x-

This extension is compatible with the Magento SUPEE-6788 patch.


If you have compilation enabled, please disable it before installing this extension. You can check compilation status in System → Tools → Compilation under 'Compiler status'.

1. Copy the folders (and its content): "app" and "skin" to your root Magento directory

2. If you are using a custom theme, then additionally copy the following files and folders to your theme directory:

  • app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/bestsellerssidebar.xml (file)

  • app/design/frontend/base/default/template/bestsellerssidebar  (folder and its content)

3. Clear the Magento cache

4. Log out and log in again in your Magento admin


System -> Configuration -> B2B Extensions -> Bestseller Sidebar Pro


In the settings section you specify the main configurable parameters for the extension:

- Product Numbers to Display: Determines how many products are displayed, no restrictions.

- Block title: This is the front end title shown in the block.

- Best Sold Products to Show: For time filtering, for example you can choose to see the best sold products for the last week, or the last 24 hours, or for all times.

- Exclude Active: (Yes) will give you the option to add products manually to the best seller block. (No) will show Magento most sold products according to Mageno reports, best sold products.

- Add products manually: Add product via their SKU’s to the best seller block.

- Exclude products manually: Exclude product via their SKU’s from the best seller block.

Adding "Bestsellers" to your web store

1. Using a widget

  1. Go to CMS->Widgets. Add New Widget Instance

  2. Create the widget

2. Adding the block using a layout

The location of display is determined with the bestsellerssidebar.xml file found in app/design/frontend/base/default/layout folder

To display the block on every page the <default></default> tag is used. And the actual code that displays the block is:


        <reference name="content">

            <block type="bestsellerssidebar/bestsellers" name="ecomwise.bestsellerssidebar.bestsellers" as="bestsellers"/>



The code above can be placed in other .xml files as well, depending to which page you want to display the Best Sold block.

3. Ways to change the Best seller display

Example problem: Lets assume that you would like to display the bestseller block on the left side of a category page.

Example solution:

  • Open the Catalog.xml file from you theme

  • Add the following code under the following tag: <catalog_category_default translate="label">

<reference name="left">

     <block type="bestsellerssidebar/bestsellers" name="ecomwise.bestsellerssidebar.bestsellers" as="bestsellers"/>


Front End

Category Page

Product Page

CMS Pages - Home Page


1. Change the “Active” element to “false”  /etc/modules/Ecomwise_Bestsellerssidebar.xml and save the file.

2. Flush Magento cache.

This will set the extension to inactive. However, if more explicit action is needed:

1. Remove all files from file system.

2. Remove the entry with code='bestsellerssidebar_setup' in the core_resource database table.

20 November 2015
  • Compatible with Magento Community
  • Bug fixes.

16 November 2015
  • Module compatible with SUPEE-6788 patch.

28 January 2015

  • Installation guide link update

09 January 2015

  • Adding info & Support tab
  • Now the Bestsellers block can be added as a widget
  • Code optimization

30 October 2014
  •  Resolving bug regarding displaying manual inputs

29 May 2014

  • Compatible with Magento Community 1.5.x-1.9.x

02 May 2014

  • Compatible with Magento Community 1.5.x-1.8.x

21 March 2013

  • Compatible with Magento Community 1.5.x-1.7.x



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