These are the steps you would need to take to be able to add a grouped product:

1. Click on 'Catalog' and then click on 'Products'.


2. Click on the 'Add Product' button and then click on 'Grouped Product'.

Proceed to click on 'Grouped Products' section (the 2nd section) and then click on the 'Add Products to Group' button.

3. You are now able to select the products you desire to group and once you have selected these products, click on the 'Add Selected Products' button. 

Your products should appear in the 'Grouped Products' section.

5. If you wish to add a description for your product, scroll up to click on the 'Content' section (the 1st section) to add your 'Description' and your 'Short Description'.

6. If you wish to add an image of your product, you're able to upload a picture under the 'Images And Videos' section (the 3rd section).

7. Scroll up to the top of the page and fill in the product information of these grouped products (such as the 'Product Name', 'SKU', 'Attribute Set' and the 'Price'). 

8. Choose the storeview (at the 'Scope' section) where you wish to have the product available.

Note:  if wish to have the product visible and published in the catalog, make sure 'Enable Product' is switched to Yes.

9. Make sure that all information is filled in correctly and then click on the 'Save' button.

You're done! Your product is now published on your webshop.